Current members


Vocals, Keyboards – Pekka Kuorikoski

Bass – Markku Hyppönen

Drums – Miri Miettinen

Guitar, Keyboards – Kari Vanhalakka


Past members


Vocals, Blues harp – Juki Välipakka

Keyboards – Rob Dominis


Background – Storyline


It’s been said that no band is created equally and this band is no exception. Still five years ago this band existed only as a confusing amount of demo songs in my drawer. Those songs were mainly accumulated during the twelve years when I lived abroad in North America. About three years ago, while cleaning around in my office, I faced the moment of truth. I had to make a decision. Either burn the notes and make more room in the drawer or do something constructive with this pile of confusion.

As foggy as my vision was at that time, I realized that I needed some ”professional help”. First I called my old band mate, bass player Markku Hyppönen to review the demo songs. Perhaps Markku was just being polite, but he lifted his big bass player thumbs up for developing the project further with me. This was a good starting point but still far from being a band. It took quite some time and some pretty colorful events in the human resources department until we finally found the right drummer, keyboard player, and vocalist for the band who had a genuine interest and time for this project. I would say that we have been very lucky to get such an experienced and talented group of musicians together for this journey.

When things get out of hand, they can really get out of hand. As a side effect to this ”musical sting” I built a professional recording studio in the old red barn on my lot. This is the place where our creative action takes place and our songs are recorded and mixed at least for the time being. It’s been a great benefit having have your own studio at your disposal with all the latest bells and whistles. Please check for more information about the studio and making of material.

Perhaps for us this is a dream come true. For the professional musicians onboard this is a unique opportunity to make and play music they really like and for me it’s the opportunity to find right balance between the ”dark suit and singing guitar”. As Juki Välipakka nicely wrote in the lyrics for Hourglass…” I hope my/our music is still there”.

We’ll see…


Best Regards,